On pulpit-(un)consciousness

Oversharing: Excepting spouses, parents and maybe eventually children, nobody needs to know about anybody’s patriarchal blessing.  Ever.  Private spiritual manifestations?  That’s great for you (and me! And everyone else who gets ‘em!); let’s keep them the way they came: private.  Chances are that manifestation was tailored by loving Heavenly Parents to your unique understanding, which means it might not make sense to the rest of the ward but now we all have to try and square it with each of our own unique understandings.  Also, let’s all keep our sin-baring for our bishops.

Irrelevance: What hath vacation-sharing, missionary-updates, and extended (auto)biographies to do with a testimony?

Inconsiderate: It’s truly wonderful to hear that by your 44th wedding anniversary, all twelve of your children have gone on missions and married in the temple.  What about the couple with four inactive children?  Or the widowed parent with three kids under 8? Or the half of the ward somehow affected by divorce?  What would you like them to do with your glory?  Repent?  It’s not that your story isn’t something to be proud of, it’s just that most of your ward probably already knows, so to what end are you (re)publishing it?

Posturing: It is quite obvious when a story is shared over the pulpit for no reason other than to flaunt some type of proximity with a general authority.  No one cares that anyone has shaken hands/made eye contact/heard their name said by/mown the lawn of/babysat for/shared an elevator with general authorities.  General authorities are known to stay in the homes of members; no one cares if one stayed at your house.  Especially if you were 3 years old at the time.

Tyranny: It is just vile when someone offers a rebuke in the context of a testimony or a prayer.

So, what’s left to say?   This.


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