These are my thoughts studied out and no more.  The only movement in which I am interested was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr., in 1830 and is currently headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I do not speak for that movement, only of it, and with the deepest affection.

Inasmuch as I only believe the Bible (or any literary work) as far as it is correctly translated (if it must be translated at all—reader, it’s time to grow!), I value etymology and original languages in my studyings out.  I reserve the right to employ, contort, and/or warp the words, grammar, and syntax of the English language in such a manner as satisfies my fondness for literary archaisms.  Let the reader beware my predilection for parenthetical statements.  Know also that I am given to expressing my thoughts in languages other than English.  As all truth belongs to Mormonism, I am quite prone to seeking to increase my (and your) understanding by frequent reference to diverse writers, thinkers, tragedians, essayists, comedians, philosophers, literary theorists, (and the odd scientist) of the Western (and otherwise) Literary tradition.

Naturally, my life experience infects these thoughts.  I have traveled, seen and felt of sundry cultures other than my own, and always there’s the reading.  I’ve known and partaken of innocence, ignorance, and intellectualism (the last two usually simultaneously).  I have seen life through civilian and military lenses.  My first lessons about our Lord came in concert with the teachings of Joseph Smith.  I was not raised a Mormon or in any faith tradition; not even in a loose, personal spiritualism.  My perspective is settled outside Mormon culture and therein lies a substantial part of my reason for putting out these thoughts, for any who feel they could benefit from an unconditioned perspective.

I mean for these thoughts, ‘pon their being read, to lift and expand the reader’s perspective—or at least to incite such a leavening.  If they help or heal, so much the better.  If they hurt, it was not meant (unless it makes you better, in which case it was damned intentional).  Remember: I love the Restored Gospel.

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